AstroNova’s Test & Measurement Business Group designs and manufactuers data acquisition instruments and supplies for the automotive, aerospace, energy, pulp and paper, transportation, telemetry, and general industrial markets. Through the use of our high speed data visualization technology, our products are able to acquire signal data from a wide array of sensor and network interfaces and transform that data into usable information.

Criterion NDT is a provider of Eddy Current Testing Solutions for heat treatment process variations/issues, crack and flaw testing as well as feature verification of pistons, wheel hubs, spindles, steering racks, bearings, threads, splines, gears and other components.

Signal Processing Solutions
- Dynamic signal analyzers
- Vibration controllers
- Shakers
- Accessories


Handheld Air Tools, Feeding and Assembly Systems

DEPRAG is a worldwide assembly equipment manufacturer with over 80 years of experience designing, making and distributing handheld air tools, feeding devices and assembly systems.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers  - Handheld & Stationary
Electric Screwdrivers - Handheld & Stationary
Customized Tools for Critical Assembly Requirement
Feeders for Threaded- & Non-Threaded Components and Fasteners
Automatic Assembly Machines - Turnkey or Components

Solvent Recovery and Cleaning

DISTI by Daetwyler has spent more that 40 years advising and supervising systems for tank, tote tank, drum washing, and container cleaning as well as helping teams save money and get excellent return on investment through effective solvent management.

Coating Thickness - Material Analysis

Whether the layers are painted or electroplated, applied to magnetic or non-magnetic materials – in Fischer Technology's product portfolio you will find the right solution for correctly measuring coating thickness. Fischer offers a range of solutions that match the specific requirements of individual industrial sectors, from compact portable and handheld devices to flexible desktop instruments and measurement solutions for automated processes.

Fluid Imaging

With the FlowCam® you can analyze particles accurately, reliably and quickly using automated imaging technology to advance your research, increase productivity, and ensure quality.


Non-Contact Position Sensors
- High-performance eddy current
- Oil, water and liquids - no effect
- Industrial, R&D gauging products
- Custom applications

Konica Minolta

Color Measurement

Konica Minolta's high performance, precise color measurement solutions help organizations formulate, evaluate, and control color to meet product quality and operational goals more efficiently. To see which solution best fits your application and operational needs, please browse through their selection of colorimeters, spectrophotometers, gloss meters, software and light booths below. Konica


Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

- Highest precision
- Laser, capacitance & fiber-optic
- Accuracies to +/- 0.1 µlnch
- Speeds to 100,000 Hz
- Great for vibration measurements
- USA manufactured


Grinding & Dispersing Solutions

NETZSCH business unit Grinding & Dispersing offers an extensive machine program for process-engineering, providing solutions for wet and dry grinding, mixing, dispersing, de-aeration and classifying. Netzsch offers the best machine solution that is customized to your application for dry and wet preparation.


Elemental analysis products

Measure almost any element in almost any matrix


X-ray fluorescence (XRF) provides one of the simplest, most accurate and most economic analytical methods for the determination of elemental composition of many types of materials. Indispensable to both R&D and quality assurance (QA) functions, our advanced and unique WDXRF products are routinely used to analyze products from cement to plastics and from metals to food to semiconductor wafers. Rigaku offerings range from high power, high-performance wavelength dispersive WDXRF systems, for the most demanding applications, to a complete line of benchtop EDXRF and WDXRF systems. Rigaku also offers a, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) handheld product, the Katana. LIBS is a type of atomic emission spectroscopy which uses a highly energetic laser pulse as the excitation source. The laser is focused to form a plasma, which atomizes and excites samples that then emit characteristic spectra for the elements in the sample.

Sensortech Systems

Sensortech Systems, Inc. has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for nearly 35 years.  Incorporated in 1983, Sensortech has become the global leader in applied moisture measurement technologies.


Sensortech Systems instruments can be found in numerous industries throughout the world providing productivity enhancing benefits yielding effective process control and quality assurance. Sensortech’s success is due to our leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing and quality control standards, high performance instruments, diverse range of applications, and superior customer support.


We are a full design, development, and manufacturing facility specializing in Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Through our expertise in both disciplines of moisture measurement technologies we apply the correct instrumentation to your process. With Sensortech you know you are getting what you need where you need it.

Pressure Transducers - Pressure Transmitters

For half a century, Viatran has been solving pressure, level measurement, extreme temperature and fast response problems in some of the toughest application environments - highly corrosive media, damaging cyclic pressure, and severe shock and vibration. Viatran pressure sensors and level measurement transmitters are designed for applications such as oil and gas services, steel production, food and medical equipment, die casting, chemical production and various automotive and aerospace tests.

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