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Fischerscope XDLM XRF Xray Fluorescence Coating Thickness Measurement Plating Thickness Measurement Fischer Technology Bowman

Fischerscope® XDLM® 237


Refurbished Fischerscope XDLM 237 X-ray fluorescence instrument. Includes the following:

- Computer loaded with WinFTM v.6 software

- ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration with Certificate

- 1 day setup and training


    The FISCHERSCOPE®-X-RAY XDLM® are universally applicable energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence measuring instruments. The instruments are well suited for non-destructive thickness measurements and analyses of thin coatings.


    Warranties are available on most instruments. Please inquire about your specific model.


    We ship anywhere in the Continental USA.

For pricing and availability call 847-550-1095

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